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Photography is a lifestyle.


Working with people gives me a lot of motivation. For as long as I can remember, photography has been my other self. It led me to the world of graphics in which I live to this day. I design, create video content and additionally draw portraits and illustrations in #procreate on #ipadpro.
I start taking EYE PHOTO in my studio and digital atelier. See how beautiful they can be in your interior.
You can find me on instagram @patkaguz

My creative process
with a project that combines my passions, experience and creative team.
  • 01.
    Story & Concept
    • The brief is very useful for the beneficial use of photos. I will be happy to prepare a moodboard with you, which will help you prepare for our photo session.
  • 02.
    Studio shooting
    • I have professional Canon R5 equipment, as well as a 40 m2 studio. A cozy space with a set of flash lights and a white background. You can feel at home. We can also do the session in another studio or in a selected place.
  • 03.
    EYE photo
    • I started taking eye photos in my studio and digital atelier. Its very beautiful gift for close friend, family or even yourself. Magical expierience to see your real eye from close and wonderful memorie for years.
  • 04.
    Video shooting
    • I create short video stories that will be great for instagram reels.
  • 05.
    Retouching photos & Edit videos
    • I am a professional graphic designer, so I can retouch photos and edit videos, add captions and boards. I can also create an animation.

I invite you to join projects
in a creative team.