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Photography is a lifestyle.


Working with people gives me a lot of motivation. For as long as I can remember, photography has been my other self. It led me to the world of graphics in which I live to this day. I design, create video content and additionally draw portraits and illustrations in #procreate on #ipadpro.

You can find me on instagram @patkaguz

My creative process
with a project that combines my passions, experience and creative team.
  • 01.
    Story & Concept
    • The brief is very useful for the beneficial use of photos. I will be happy to prepare a moodboard with you, which will help you prepare for our photo session.
  • 02.
    Studio shooting
    • I have professional Canon R5 equipment, as well as a 40 m2 studio. A cozy space with a set of flash lights and a white background. You can feel at home. We can also do the session in another studio or in a selected place.
  • 03.
    Video shooting
    • I create short video stories that will be great for instagram reels.
  • 04.
    Retouching photos & Edit videos
    • I am a professional graphic designer, so I can retouch photos and edit videos, add captions and boards. I can also create an animation.

I invite you to join projects
in a creative team.